2015 | 1 or 2 players | Ages 8+
Designed and created with Peter Chilvers
Published by Opal Limited
Website | Download on App Store

Peter Chilvers is a musician and software designer. Best known for creating the iOS apps Bloom, Trope and Scape with Brian Eno, Peter has also toured with Karl Hyde (Underworld) and recorded a number of albums with vocalist Tim Bowness.

Quarta is a board game for two players. Players take turns to place tiles, build areas of coloured ‘quarta’s, and claim those areas to control the three colours. Each game lasts only a few minutes, and is played until the tiles fill a 5×5 square. The winner is the player who controls the most colours at the end of the game.

But Quarta is also something more. As you play, Quarta creates a totally unique piece of music — an individual soundtrack for every game — driven by the arrangement of areas built by the players.

Designed for digital: Quarta is a brand new two-player tile game created specially for iOS, perfect both for casual players and for more experienced gamers. The tutorial explains the game’s simple rules in 60 seconds, and each game lasts just a few minutes.

Sophisticated, dynamic AI: In ‘Solo’ mode, players can play on their own against the device and will discover a strong, adaptive AI opponent, which refines its play as they improve and provides a satisfying opponent for even the most experienced players.

Generative soundtrack: Quarta creates a unique piece of music every time you play. On each turn, new elements are added to the melody, and these develop and combine as the game progresses to create a tranquil, meditative, ever- changing soundtrack that complements the gameplay experience.